I'm Kélanie Aragão (or Aragon for easy pronunciation), and I've been told my name sounds right out of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. Maybe I slay dragons in my spare time, or maybe my mom "invented" my name and I'm just very thankful it didn't turn out weird. 

Welcome to my space in the internet. I'm a creative type, I write music and sing, take photographs, dabble in graphic design and illustrations, so of course I got a BFA in filmmaking. I am in love with stories, the way I see, everyone and everything is a story, and I'm a storyteller. I'm sensitive to what's within me and around me, there is so much to tell! 

I have moved more than twenty times in my life and I only have seventy pieces of clothes in my closet. Yes, call me minimalist and a nomad. I like that. 

Feel free to wander through this site, check out my film and design projects and you know, hire me. I'd love to collaborate.