A Day at the Broad

This weekend I went to The Broad and my excitement went over the roof with names like Hirst, Murakami, and Therrien all over the museum. 

I love going to art exhibits and museums, however I always seem to learn about the artist as I come to visit, never before. This is the first time I saw work from artists I previously known and love.

The atmosphere at the broad was so simple, the white walls full with art that provokes and inspires, sometimes I think it wouldn't be so bad to live in a museum.

Here are some the pieces that struck me the most:

 Damien Hirst  Away   From the Flock

Damien Hirst Away From the Flock

Demien Hirst's work was first introduced to me in contemporary art class and ever since, I've been struck by his work, he always plays with the human idea of death and how we relate to it. Here he frames and freezes time while challenging the conditions of human experience. The title of the piece "Away From the Flock" points to isolation and the limits of preservation, the sheep can't escape death. Neither can we.

 Robert Therrien  Under the Table

Robert Therrien Under the Table

Yes, this was an incredible experience. Therrien really challenges the objects we know by manipulating their size. Leaving us to experience a weird feeling of nostalgia along with insignificance. You might feel like a little kid or a ant. Great piece that provokes and challenges memory.

 Takashi Murakami  End of Line

Takashi Murakami End of Line

Murakami really freaks me out. The K pop element of his work makes me feel a little scared of pop culture in general. He makes some striking work. This one really gets me thinking, there are many sculls pilled up and vibrant colors high in contrast. The title makes it even more morbid as one can translate this image as hell, or the end of our brainwashed lives.

There were so many more art pieces I could ramble about. I'll stop here and encourage you to go visit and turn off your phone while you're there.