Fly out | Alaska pt. 3

While staying in Seward one of the best things to do is hanging out at the dock. Everyone gathers to see what the fishermen caught that day. It's such a fun energy. 

Sadly, my last day in Alaska came, but it ended on the highest note! With a fly out to Twin Lakes and Proenneke's Cabin - Lake Clark National Park & Preserve. I got to fish for the first time (and catch a few), see an incredible waterfall and see the glaciers up close!

And then I said farewell to Alaska and left forever thankful.

New Horizons | Alaska pt. 1

“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.” ― Christopher McCandless

Yes, I'm a cliché. I loved reading Into the Wild and fell in love with Christopher's journey. He was the one who put Alaska under my radar.

I have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to pack my bags and leave the sunny southern California for a week in the northwest.

My heart is full of joy and it's only the first day.

Life is a trip

Traveling is my thing. I love the novelty mashed with reality checks we get when faced with a lifestyle contrast driven by physical space. 

Two weeks ago I went to Arches National Park in Utah. Here are some photos of the trip.

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Here's to a life full of trips.

Easy Slow Morning Flow

Now that I am officially done with university, I get to have tranquil weekends and focus all my energy at work during the week. My favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning is breakfast in bed-- although I am guilty of having breakfast in bed almost everyday this past week.

Finally got a coffee grinder so I can have a fresh cup everyday with beans from my favorite coffee brand. 

Interview with RamaScreen

I always try to keep networking. Rama and I used to work together, he has a successful website, RamaScreen, where he reviews and promotes movies. 

He started a new segment on his youtube channel where he interviews upcoming filmmakers in the area. Awesome enough, he interview me about my upcoming short film Lingered.

Lingered is coming out in this summer, and it's about a college student who is plagued with the responsibility of caring for her sister after her failed suicide attempt. Watch me talk to Rama about the directing process:

I'm very excited for this film to be released and want to continue making more short films. Here are some stills of the film followed by the trailer.




Impromptu photoshoot

My favorite type of people are kind, thoughtful, adventurers and adaptable. I'm lucky to know a few of them and recently I decided I should surround myself by my favorite kind of people (not enough space or time for negativity, right?).

Today I spent the day making eucalyptus & babe breath crowns and bouquets, taking photographs (or better, have photographs taken of me for a change) and eating delicious food. My heart is so full of joy.

If you're ever in Riverside, check out Health's Kitchen. Besides the amazing flavorful organic food, the interior design is a delight as well.

All photos take by the great Ashlee.

Leaving here much bliss to you!


Ordinary | video-journals

Spring break is here and I am not working or studying for the first time since freshman year. I decided to stop for a week to breathe a little. Things get so chaotic, specially since it's my last year at university.

I came up with the Ordinary video-journal. I'll be making short documentary/slice of life style videos of my week. 

I want to focus on moments and simplicity. The first one is here. Check it out.