it's autumn and all leaves must fall

I see you.

But what I really hear is your voice telling me the worst of misfortunes, and I feel you looking at me but I won't dare to look back, because I know the moment our eyes meet it will make it real. Even though I fight not to, our eyes meet, the sadness and misfortunes unite us and for a moment I'm not alone. The air is heavy tonight, but we are light.

I realize I have to go. There are new things for me to process, and my motherland is waiting for me to rediscover myself, but I don't ever want to leave you. You tell me to stay, so I stay a little longer. I linger in your presence and nothing matters. We hold hands, look at the crashing waves that seem to disappear as the last ray of sun is going down and the skies are getting extremely blue. I feel the warmth of summer, the end of summer. I can't describe this feeling, it's a mixture of everything.

Then, I leave. alone.

I carry you with me for as long as I can. But you have become a yellow leaf and I have to let you go along with autumn.

Oh spring, won't you save us? Let us bloom, because my heart aches. It misses you. It misses autumn.