My projects

ipiranga (brand content) music videos:
- Gretchen na banheira (link)
- biro biro na ovelha (link)
- paulinho cabelereira (link)
Experience: 1st ad

short fiction film: inside out (currently in pre production)
Experience: location producer and 1st ad

comedy fiction series: auto posto (currently in pre production)
experience: 2nd ad and post production supervisor

Feature film: Abestalhados (currently in pre production)
experience: 2nd ad

Feature documentary series: Viajo Logo Existo (final stages of distribution)
Experience: AD, line producer, editor and colorist

Feature documentary: Blind March (link)
experience: film festival strategist & social media manager

Short documentary: Journey to Middle East (link)
Experience: Directing, cinematography and post production

Film Festival programming
NGF Film Festival (jury) & Newport Beach Film Festival (programmer)

Start-up: Spott (link)
Experience: Strategic content planner and manager

2015 - 16:
The Sharpen Experiment (link)
A filmmaking collective with the goal of making ten short films from scratch in one year. 
Experience (each project a different crew position):
- Directing
- AD
- Producing
- Financing (successful crowdfunding)
- Cinematography
- Post Production Supervising

Film Festival Programming
Palm Springs International ShortFest and Newport Beach Film Festival
- Watch and curate short films
- Build programs
- Host screenings and Q&A's with directors and actors
- Print Traffic Coordinating

Short Documentary: Who I am (link)
Experience: Cinematographer

Short Documentary series: Ordinary (link)
Experience: Directing, Cinematography and Post Production

2016 filmmaking reel: documentary

2016 filmmaking reel: narrative


Short documentary: Vovó Mece (link)
- Directing
- Cinematography
- Post Production

Short documentary: Food of Love
Experience: Directing

Reaction Short documentary: The Record Keeper (link)
Experience: Directing

2012 - 2016: studying film in los angeles